Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the left over tiredness

haha. tired.

word of all working personal. no work can let you feel at ease unless you yourself make you feel at ease. what can i tell? this year is my very hectic year. let see. most of my holidays, as in weekends and public holiday will be cleared by doing some other activities.

As far as i'm concern, this year is my most year of traveling. Even just for five months, i've been traveling here and there numerous times already. the most place i traveled is of course KL. i will travel back to KL almost every fortnight. that goes all my weekends.

So far, my body got familiar already with this kind of situation. going back via bus at night after working hour, reached KL mostly 5 hours afterword. waiting. running. walking. and being dumped. hahaha. most of the time is like that. then stay in KL for one night. and without resting, straight back to Penang. reach in very early in the morning. waiting, chased by dog, walking, running. normal.

All these activities are normal to me. My life getting bussier in a few weeks back. very hectic. morning, evening, night. the only time left for me to resting my parts of body is when i get to sleep. and so, everyday i will try to keep myself rest for above six hours at least. just to tune back my body.

Argh!!! I really need my time resting. HOLLIDAY...WHERE ARE YOU?????

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


nothing to say. this 'sms'es thingy make me sick sometimes. a law of nature. being hated is the most thing hated.

i don't know where i did wrong. i always being scolded and more. i don't know what else to say. just wanna hate the person or not. the person shows too much hatred to me as if i have done massive mistakes that i supposed i have to take the responsibility for the whole of my life.

before this i have received a lot of deceiving messages. it's seems like i don't deserve to be liken. i don't deserve to be loved. i don't deserve to be friend with all the people in this world.

one step out from the house, my actions will be watched. it seems like i don't have a life at all. my life is just for work work and work. that's it? is that all i can do?

i'm dying of being hated by this person. but the word 'love' contracted me with the term of let it be. let the person has it all. let the person satisfies the needs. let it be. and let it be.

the smses? they are so harsh to be shown here. have fun with your day!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Buddy system.

And now.i've been introduced to a new system where i need to teach teachers on how to communicate in english.isn't that funny to be heard.

Well, since the government wants them to apply the language in their p&p process, so that how the buddy system is being introduced.

Teacher who teaches math and science, need to take an exam, and we, as their buddy, must help them to conquer the rules of this language.

And also, we've started it at almost two weeks already. As for me, i've been given two teachers to handle. And those two are also the seniors in that school.

Argh!!how am i suppose to teach them well since i'm also need a lot of things to learn!!Ayang..help me!!!HELP

Monday, January 29, 2007


Setelah jauh aku berkelana. Aku dapati diri aku bukan keseorangan. Aku ada ramai kawan di serata pelusuk negara ini. Dan bukan juga aku nak abaikan dorang semua. Doranglah yang menjadi teman untuk aku berbicara waktu berduka. Dorang lah yang banyak simpan rahsia dilema hidup aku.

Dan juga setelah lama aku tidak memonopoli bidang penulisan ini, tidak bermakna aku akan berdiam diri umpama menyuruh orang menganggap aku mati.

Well then, just leave the comments ya.

Kisah Aku dan Dia

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Lebih Tiga Bulan

Disebabkan TagMe aku dah melampau-lampau orang komen, aku pon jadik terdesak.hehe. Sebenarnya pada aku, aku menaip ni untuk menghilangkan rasa kebosanan dalam hidup aku.

And lately, aku dah ada hobi yang baru. Bermain PS2 dan juga bermanja-manja dengan anak kucing. Kadang-kadang tu, aku ada gak surfing internet tgk apa-apa yang patut.

Untuk Click, Amirahsyuhada, Fizz, Lego, e-chub, aku nak mintak maaf bebanyak sebab aku kurang update cerita-cerita aku. Tapi takper. After this, I'll try to create more stories for all of you to read.

Till then, bye.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

it was two days of two days ago.

well, actually nothing much happened two days ago. Stayed at home and doing nothing. Most of my holiday, I spent them at home. Well, if before I'm a traveler, but seems like i have to reduce that kind of programe. Well, I need to save my money for this incoming merdeka. I wanna go back to Pahang. Yeay!! Mummy, here I come.

occay, back to topic, the two days of twos day ago. I was thinking about updating my blog. but then something happened. the pc hanged. S**t man. well the topic for that day is about I'm staying at home and watching a movie titled The Godfather, and I want to write a preview about the movie. well seems like its not my day.haha.

Lately, I also did not enter my blogsite. So at the time i enter my blogsite, I found there were lots of messege left at my tagboard. arhg!!..Guys, I reply them if I feel like I want to.ahaha.

ok then...adios...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Assalamu'alaikum everybody.long time no see.
lately i had became a lazy grown up. Don't know why. Seems like i almost got everything I want from my childhood.

I also not going anywhere while this school holiday. just staying at home and watching movies bought from stores. even though it was very "unhappy" period, but i have to face it. Besides, I gain my weight too. Hope I do not get too chubby.haha.

Things went down all smooth. My brother's wedding ceremony is almost at the time but still I don't feel so eager to face it. Sam with this incoming indipendance day of our country. I don't feel any good about it. Seems like all of us are so happy celebrating it and just don't care about our past.hehe. still celebrating it using the 'west side' way.

why don't they just group together at the mosque and do the 'doa selamat'?instead of enjoying it by dancing, singging all those melodies which totally out of rhythm. and all the youngsters having their couples and go anywhere they like. it indipendance what?huh.Dmn you!Cruse you!Huh..oh well. just leave them with their world. i'll just carry on what i suppose to do in my own life.